Sustainable tips for environmentally-friendly events

  1. Prefer electronic ways to share information instead of paper. At the same time you should avoid sending unimportant emails.
  2. Consider organising the event/meeting/conference electronically.
  3. Choose eco-labels, packaging-free, fair trade, seasonal, local plant-based organic products for catering. Provide clear labels for vegan/vegetarian food section.
  4. Offer tap water to drink in a jug with glasses or mugs.
  5. Use reusable dishes. Use thermoses to keep coffee and tea warm.
  6. Choose walking, using a bicycle, scooter, public transport or prepare travel plans to come together. Choose train or bus over car. Choose a train and/or a ship over a plane.
  7. Rent furniture/equipment/necessary consumables or purchase second-hand or recycled products.
  8. Purchase from second-hand, fair trade labelled or products made from recyclable materials.
  9. Prefer reusable name tags. 
  10. Always reuse, recycle, sort waste: paper and cardboard, packaging, bio-waste, waste, hazardous waste, electronics, batteries, etc.
  11. Switch off the electronic device and lights when you are the last one in the room and you are leaving.
  12. Choose eco-friendly accommodation, for example, with sustainability certification like green-key