Support for Academic Staff

We value and aknowledge teaching and academic staff in EKA. We plan to establish a learning-teaching module for students, alumnai and academic staff in order to boost professionalism in supporting learning in our community. Since 2017 we partner with Student Council in order to give out a yearly award of teaching in EKA.

We have started working towards comprehensive professional development program to our academic staff – with inspirational meetings (once-twice a year), courses supporing teaching, language proficiency and entrepreteneurship.

You can find information on our program in course calendar ( Also we have discussions in challenging topics (for example on preparation education in EKA in 2016). I encourage our academic staff to participate in educational conferences and networks. For example there will be a higher education teaching conference in Tartu university in 2018.

Soon we will annouce a call for curriculum development grant and start feedback reform in EKA. We are cooperating with other universities and networks (for example Nordic-Baltic Baltic Network in Higher Education Development). Our students can participate in innovative ELU-studies programm in Tallinn University since this year and hopefully our staff can supervise ELU-groups soon. We are taking part in research projects (for example alumni studies in 2016) and involve international experts in the development of academic affairs. Last year Mari Elken participated in our self-study process for accreditation.

Financial resources for this come from our budget personnel work funds and also from EU projects..

Information regarding our activities is on our homepage, where we have documents and materials from our program.