Erasmus+ & Nordplus for employees

ERASMUS+ Programme for Staff and Teachers

In case you are a teacher at the EKA and wish to teach in one of our partner universities in the EU with ERASMUS+ programme or aim to apply for practical training in some Europe based institution, please turn to International Office.

Until further notice, we accept applications for ERASMUS+ mobility on a rolling basis.
Rules and regulations of the ERASMUS+ programme.

After having received a confirmation of receiving a grant

If you are EKA’s staff member, then in order to go to ERASMUS+ teaching or training visit, you must follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill in either:
    a) work plan for teaching or b) work plan for training and have the host organisation sign it, sign it yourself and send it (by e-mail and as a scan is a enough)
  2. Download and fill in the financial agreement, send it to the International Office for review, sign it either electronically or in person. Choose correct form:
    a) Financial agreement if your destination is Europe,
    b) Financial agreement outside Europe 
  3. Go to Webdesktop and initiate a “Lähetus”, attach the signed financial agreement and work plan to the documents there, forward it to where needed to get confirmations. NB! Travels until December 31, 2020 should be ordered for through Estravel.
  4. After or during the training or teaching period abroad, have the confirmation letter signed by the host, take it with you and bring or send it to the International Office.
  5. Fill in feedback report in Mobility Tool (invitation will be sent to you automatically from an address, check for spam as well), fill in financial report in Webdesktop.
    And you’re done!
ERASMUS maximum amounts as set by the ERASMUS+ programme and confirmed by ERASMUS+ committee at the EAA (available to your right).

NORDPLUS for design and fine arts teachers
Teachers, who wish to teach in one of our partner universities in KUNO, NBAA or CIRRUS network, may apply for a separate grant with less paperwork, but must keep in mind that these grants are only eligible for exchanges within the network schools (listed at the respective web sites).

In case you are a teacher or staff member from one of our partner institutions, you’re welcome to turn to the International Office in order for us to help organising your visit here.

ERASMUS+ distance calculator for distances and max travel grants.