Trip in Estonia. ERASMUS and Urban Studies students. Fall 2020

As of 1999, EKA participates in the European Union’s ERASMUS programme, and within this framework, over 100 bilateral student exchange agreements have been signed. EKA has also concluded student and faculty exchange agreements and cooperation agreements with numerous internationally recognised schools of higher art education outside of the European Union within ERASMUS International Credit Mobility programme.

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The Estonian Academy of Arts participates in Erasmus+ programme and has been awarded with the Erasmus Charter
(number: 64961-LA-1-2014-1-EE-E4AKA1-ECHE) 2014 – 2020 and
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education certificate in English for 101012883-EKA 2021- 2027.

PIC code: 955368327
OID code: OIDE10209558


ERASMUS Policy Statement

EKA’s ERASMUS Policy Statement 

ERASMUS programme has been the most important part of Estonian Academy of Arts’ (EKA) internationalisation strategy since 1999 when Estonia joined the initiative. Growth in quality and quantity have marked the progress all the way.
In 2017 (the most recent statistics), 65% of our alumni had participated in ERASMUS+ mobility and it is important to give each member of EKA, an opportunity for staff and teaching exchange. Incoming experts, too, are an important part of EKA’s ERASMUS strategy.

EKA’s goal in participating in the programme is to be part of the European and global community in the widest sense of the word.
We will participate in KA1 and KA2 project initiatives and aim to contribute in KA3 between 2021 – 2027.
We will provide inclusion of all socio-economic groups of our academy’s community in the programme.

We aim to provide an opportunity to experience labour market for recent graduates actively and promote cooperation in the fields of research and development.
Transparency and equal treatment is granted through acts approved by EKA’s Council and active monitoring.
EKA’s goal is to provide international experience to all members of the community and in exchange to our partners, provide excellent experience of internationalisation at EKA. The way to achieve this goal is through active participation in ERASMUS programme and other types of international cooperation. In the next programme period of 2021 – 2027 we aim to achieve that 80% of our students have an international experience abroad and 100% of the community have taken part in some form of internationalisation – in situ or through online platforms. Co-learning and cooperation between students with different cultural backgrounds contributes to the integration process. We consider important the interest in, and tolerance of EKA members coming from foreign countries. We respect and follow GDPR rules and encourage sustainability and climate- friendly approach in achieving these goals.

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