Sustainable lifestyle tips

  1. Dress according to the weather, not fast fashion.
  2. Use environmentally-friendly transport. For example, public transport, car-pool, ride a bike or walk.
  3.  Choose tap water to bottled drinks.
  4.  Eat plant-based, organic, seasonal local food.
  5.  Do not heat food in a foil-wrapped package in the microwave. It is highly flammable.
  6.  Avoid single-use dishes.
  7.  Switch off electronic devices and lights when you are the last to leave the room.
  8. Borrow or rent instead of buying. Recycle materials and products.
  9. Prefer local natural products with an ecolabel/certificate. Avoid products with excess packaging.
  10. Think before printing. Clean up the digital data that you do not need.
  11. Sort your waste into separate bins: 1) clean paper and cardboard 2) clean mixed packaging (glass, metal and plastic packaging) 3) bio waste 4) hazardous waste 5) batteries 6) waste.
  12. Clean with non-toxic products. For example, water, soda, lemon, vinegar. Choose an eco-labeled product.