The profession of architect is one of the oldest in history. Architecture and urban design shape and materialise most of our daily living environment providing the framework and essential base structure in the broadest sense to the existence of culture at present and its development in the foreseeable future. The instruction of architects in Estonia is almost as old as the republic* with architects educated at the Estonian Academy of Arts for more than 60 years.

Instruction of Architects at EAA

The best Estonian practising architects serve as the specialty supervisors in the instruction of architects at EAA. In the course of the studies, students meet renowned professionals from all around the world covering both geographically and intellectually broad fields of architectural activity. The architecture programme integrates the various skills and knowledge of engineering and humanities into a creative and spatial whole providing opportunities for both practical work and specialised research.

Since 2013, we have provided the students of architecture and urban design with the opportunity to specialise in landscape architecture allowing them to have a more advanced approach to designing also the space between the buildings.

In autumn 2016, we also introduced the specialisation in heritage and conservation providing the students with the opportunity to apply for the heritage conservation licence at the National Heritage Board.

Instruction of Architects in Estonia and Europe

The EAA Department of Architecture and Urban Design is a member of the European Association for Architectural Education and the Nordic Academy of Architecture. The five-year study programme conforms to the framework requirements prescribed by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of 29 October 2004 (ed. 12 June 2010) and to the educational requirements established for the profession by the European Union Qualifications Directive no. 2005/36/EC. Graduates who have completed the architecture and urban design programme can work as architects in the European Member States and they will be awarded the qualification of Qualified Architect, Level 7. In order to apply for the given level, the student must complete the curriculum in full, including the internship or practical assignments, and pass the final exam/defend his thesis. The given qualification is automatically awarded upon graduation and the respective information is included in the diploma.

*17 September 1918 may be considered the date of birth of Estonian architectural education as the first architecture courses were conducted for 120 students by the Estonian Technology Society in cooperation with 25 lecturers and thus a solid basis formed for the instruction of architects in Estonia.

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News and events



Open Lecture about closed systems by Lydia Kallipoliti The next lecturer of the Open Lecture Series this autumn will be New York based Greek architect Lydia Kallipoliti – she investigates the architecture of closed worlds and asks, what is the power of shit. Kallipoliti will be stepping on the stage of the main auditorium of the new EKA building on the 19th of december at 6 pm. Lydia ...

Beyond Borders: Moving through Maardu

A lake and a port. Summer housing and mass housing. Metal, steel, automobiles, and the not-so distant memories of phosphorus mining. Beyond the towers of Vanalinn and the limestone of Lasnamäe exists this municipal assemblage that over 15,000 people call home. Beyond Borders: Moving through Maardu is a public output & final grading of Estonian Academy of Arts Urban Studies ...

Open lecture on architecture: MALENE FREUDEDAL-PEDERSEN

The Faculty of Architecture of EKA is glad to ask you to join an open lecture by Malene Freudendal-Pedersen – a professor in urban planning at Aalborg University. In her lecture “Cities, Mobilities, Futures” she talks about planning the city keeping cycling in mind. Freudendal-Pedersen will be stepping on the stage of the main auditorium of the new EKA building on the 20th ...
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The Inevitability of Urbanization: Open Lecture by Ross Exo Adams The next lecturer of the Open Lecture Series this autumn will be London based architect, urbanist and historian Ross Exo Adams, who will talk about the inevitability of urbanization. Adams will be stepping on the stage of the main auditorium of the new EKA building on the 28th of November at 6 pm. Ross Exo Adams is Assistant ...

Nordic-Baltic Academy of Architecture meeting

On 23.-26. of October 2019 EKA hosted an annual meeting of Nordic-Baltic Academy of Architecture (NBAA).  Representatives from universities from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland were present. The discussion focused on a more effective international networking that would encourage collaboration and provide opportunities for young architects to develop. Schools ...
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Aesthetics, spatial practices and the 1980s neoliberalization: Open Lecture by Helena Mattsson The first lecturer of the Open Lecture Series this autumn will be Helena Mattsson, Professor in History and Theory at KTH School of Architecture. In her lecture The Politics of the Archive: Aesthetics, spatial practices and the 1980s neoliberalization, she sets the historical foundation for our ...

Open lectures on architecture autumn 2019

The Faculty of Architecture of EKA is happy to announce three open lectures by outstanding architects and thinkers for the autumn semester. The curators of the lecture series, architects Sille Pihlak and Johan Tali would like to point out that the open lecture series aspires to provide fresh points of view for students and professionals of other fields outside architecture as well. If ...
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PhD Thesis defence of Claudia Pasquero

Claudia Pasquero, PhD student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Curriculum of Architecture and Urban Planning will defend her thesis "Polycephalum: Aesthetic as a measure of ecological intelligence in Architecture and Urban Design” ("Polycephalum: esteetika ja ökoloogiline intelligentsus arhitektuuris ja linnakujunduses") on the 22nd of November 2019 at 10.00 at Exhibition Space of BAU Design ...

Student Work

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