Architecture and Urban Planning

The art of creating and building systems

Architecture creates a material framework and conditions for the functioning and development of the whole society. In a narrower sense, architecture is the art of creating and building systems.

It is often thought that an architect only designs houses, but in reality that is only a small, albeit a prominent part of the architect’s work. Architecture also includes learning about engineering and the humanities, as well as various software, building endless models and prototypes to create and experiment with new structures and worlds.

The most important part of architectural education takes place as practical work in a studio, in an environment similar to an architectural office, where a real project is born from the initial sketches. The studio work is supported by theory and engineering subjects, painting, drawing and experimental studios. The latter is related to the laboratories of the Faculty of Architecture (3D Laboratory, VR Laboratory, Material Laboratory) and the research work carried out in it, where it is possible to touch the fringes of space creation. There you can acquire knowledge and specialize in restoration, landscape architecture or planning.

Our vision for the future

Architects have the difficult task of giving modern technology a commonly comprehensible material form and face in accordance with cultural expectations; create a whole from parts whose value is greater than the sum of any individual parts. Architecture is meant to constantly innovate, rebuild and offer different visions of the future – this is also one of the important ambitions of EKA’s architecture programme.

EKA is the only university in Estonia where the Curriculum of Architecture and Urban Planning has been recognized by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which opens up the possibility to work in the European Union. An architect who has graduated from EKA will be awarded a diploma in architecture, a level 7 professional qualification.

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News and events


EKA’s success in the installation competition

The Estonian Association of Architects, as the oldest association of architects in the Baltics, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. As part of this, a diverse jubilee program dedicated to architecture and urban space will take place in the autumn of 2021, part of which will include urban installations. The main theme of the installations is the green: environmental friendly ...

Ehituskunst #60: Jan Verwijnen. Presentation and conference

On April 15, a special issue of Ehituskunst #60: Jan Verwijnen will be presented and a memorial conference will be held. The access to the conference will be on the Zoom channel from 2 to 6 pm (Times CET+1, Estonia). Pre-registration is not required, presentations are in English. All are welcome! The special issue of Ehituskunst focuses on the legacy of the deceased architect and lecturer Jan ...
Ulla Alla15

This year’s Jaan Holt scholarship is awarded to EKA architecture student Ulla Katariina Alla

This year’s Jaan Holt Scholarship will be awarded to Ulla Katariina Alla, a student of architecture and urban planning, for her outstanding and active professional activities. Architecture students are encouraged by Jaan Holt, an Estonian architect of Virginia origin and Professor Emeritus of Virginia Tech, with a scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to support the studies, ...
Tartu Südalinna kultuurikeskuse asukoha aerofoto Foto Maanus Kullamaa

EKA architecture students are examining the project of the Tartu City Center Cultural Center

The Department of Architecture and Urban Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts will be working on the city of Tartu this spring semester, at the invitation of the city itself, to help better prepare for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2024. To this end, hands were shaken (in the most virus-proof way) with Tartu city architect Tõnis Arjus to analyse the idea of ​​a cultural center ...
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 10.51.12

Tour by curator Johan Tali at the City Unfinished exhibition to take place on 13 February.

Join us for a tour of the “City Unfinished” exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Architecture on Saturday, 13 February at 2 pm. The tour will be in Estonian and led by the curator of the exhibition, a doctoral student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, architect Johan Tali, who’ll be introducing the exhibition on Tallinn’s urban planning challenges and problems. “I would like to encourage the ...
Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 14.38.51

Insula Nudus. Paljassaare beyond interesting

Urban studies 1st studio has for past years  taking a critical look at both the term and the process of urbanisation. The so-called urban is investigated by examining the traces of the gradual spread of Tallinn over time and in space, concentrating on the ever shifting edges: the lands between the “urban” and “rural”. The studio’s aim is to dig deep into the dichotomy and look at its ...

Exhibition “City Unfinished” opens at the Museum of Architecture

At the Estonian Museum of Architecture, a new exhibition titled ‘City Unfinished. Urban Visions of Tallinn’ invites the audience to explore Estonia’s capital from the urban planning point of view. Visitors to the exhibition will get an overview of Tallinn's urban planning challenges and problems, and hopefully also an answer to the question of how easy or difficult it might be to transform ...

ELEMENTerial — materialisation of the metagrid

EKA algorithmic timber architecture research group exhibition  19. Jan  – 6. Feb 2021 at EKA Gallery.   The exhibition “ELEMENTerial” looks at the elements of architecture. What does a house consist of? In an increasingly digital world, a list of materials alone is not enough. In addition to materials and construction methods, the principles of building construction are increasingly ...

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