The Estonian Academy of Arts Foundation was founded on 7 July 1997 to intermediate targeted financial support to addressees within or connected to the Academy. The activities of the Foundation are determined by the interests and development plan of the Academy.

Its main concern is the development of relations between the Academy, enterprises, the municipality, various organisations and private persons.

The goal of the EAA Foundation is to support the research and teaching activity and studies of members of the Academy through creating scholarships and awards.

The Foundation will adhere in all its activity priorities to the needs of EAA, and all the investments will be made in line with the EAA development and activity plans.

EAA Foundation:

  • Awards prizes and scholarships
  • Intermediates targeted grants to projects connected with the Academy
  • Is a founder member and partner of the Narva Art Residency

The mission is to implement ideas that develop in the creative field. We believe that designers, architects and people working in other creative fields should participate in business activities, execute ideas and solve the emergent assignments with an interdisciplinary approach. We are convinced that companies are more successful when they employ design, technology, information and communications technology and entrepreneurial talent right from the start.

The vision is that the ideas that develop in the creative field be implemented so that they reach the world. The EAAF supports creative entrepreneurs in their activities and marketing. The goal is to realise the ideas and undertakings that develop in the EAA community and have considerable potential, to test them in the marketplace and implement them successfully.


Andres Tammsaar

Director, Estonian Academy of Arts Foundation