About the Program

The two-year, English-language Master’s program in Urban Studies critically engages with manifold aspects to the contemporary urban question, integrating insights from urban studies, urbanism and urban planning, architectural history, urban sociology and ethnography and critical geography. The urban concerns ‘the city’ but cannot be limited to it: more than ever before the urban question has become the paramount social and political question. Emphasizing the urban dialectics of social process and physical form, the program familiarizes students with historical dynamics and conflicts shaping our world today.

Integrating design and experimental approaches with a conceptually robust and research-driven critical agenda, it prepares students for understanding, questioning and intervening into urban spaces and institutions. The education prepares students to engage with urban issues at the intersection between critical urban research, artistic and design practice and political practice and interventions (conceptually innovative approaches to the urban, urban design and planning, state and municipal policy making, public expertise, community advocacy, social and artistic activism). Urban Studies graduates work in public administrations, urbanism-focused NGOs, architecture offices, private consultancies and advocacy organizations. The program prepares graduates for postgraduate studies.

The program has active international orientation in terms of its thematic foci and external faculty.

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The Zone: Urban Studies research studio final presentation

The Special Economic Zone, writes Keller Easterling, has not always been a global urban addiction and a world-city template. Yet, she contends, "the wild mutation of the form over the last thirty years only make it seem penetrable to further ...

Public presentation: “Housing”

Public presentation of the Estonian Academy of Arts urban studies ...

‘Walking the City’ final presentations: Urban interventions and walking practice

Estonian Academy of Arts Departments of Urban Studies and Photography Friday 13.11.2015, 18.00 'Walking the City' has been a course that brought together urban practitioners from various backgrounds and courses within EKA as well as ...


A lecture by Stalker—Osservatorio Nomade (Rome, Italy) October 29, 2015, 19.00 Faculty of Architecture, Pikk 20, 3rd floor Stalker is a collective of architects and researchers connected to the Roma Tre University who came together in the ...