Paljassaare pilgrimage, hiking into the (un)known

First year students of Urban Studies have spent half a semester exploring Paljassaare – the strip of land that takes one to the end of Tallinn, to the place where all the waste of the capital city ends up … and where all the high-flying visions of eco-city by the sea are waiting to be fulfilled.  They invite everyone for an exciting pilgrimage to explore Paljassaare’s (un)known places through different lenses, through particular landscapes and processes. On coming Sunday, 22nd of October, students will make an interim summary of their studio journey so far on a four-hour hike, walking trip through the peninsula’s pasts, present and futures with us.
We will meet on Sunday, the 22nd of October at 12 at the Laevastiku quarter’s playground area (Laevastiku 1B), where, followed by a short introduction, we will collectively move towards the first project location of the day. The hike will end around 16.00. Event will be held in English.
Prepare for ca 7 km expedition through Paljassaare that will last up to 4 hours with intermittent stops. Ensure you’re dressed appropriately for hiking with sturdy shoes and warm, waterproof clothing. Don’t forget to bring your own drinks, lunch, and snacks for sustenance. **We kindly ask you to bring along your own earphones and devices with a data connection.** As restroom facilities may be limited, please plan accordingly. Our group of first-year urban studies master students at the Estonian academy of arts will guide you through an exploration-expedition across Paljassaare, taking you to four project stops by foot. Expect chilly temperatures, long hours outdoors, and bring an extra pair of warm socks and a mug for tea refills.
at the Laevastiku quarter playground area (Laevastiku 1b)
12:15-13:00 / Insight Laevastiku
/interactive presentation at the Laevastiku quarter playground (Laevastiku 1B)/
The quiet village of Laevastiku subdistrict may experience a major population growth in the neighbouring areas – Tallinn’s new city center is envisioned into its backyard. Our group is bound to find out how the local community foresees the change and will present the analyses of a qualitative survey on the site.
13:00–14:00 / Value in Valueless
/walk along the rail tracks/
On our audio-pilgrimage we use the railway as a means to experience the spirit of Paljassaare. Guided by historical information about the rise of the peninsula and future plans, we create our own visions through walking and being.
14:00-14:40 / Noisy Nature
/neighboring site of the water treatment plant/
In our immersive audio picnic, we will invite you to reflect on Paljassaare, its quietness and seclusion and the importance it holds for local inhabitants, tourists and nature. How can we preserve Paljassaare as it is now and what is our duty, as humans, towards nature? We will contemplate on these themes with you and try to rethink the notions of preservation, effort and change.
14:40-15:40 / Scavenger hunt
/next to Kaelajärv/
Visiting the wasteland in the middle of Paljassaare we try to understand the many connections coming together at this point. Is the land really fully formed by humans? Is there even a distinction between human and nature, future, present and past? Orienting our explorations along the theories formed by Donna Haraway, we go onto a scavenger hunt in the search for a deeper understanding of how all the different facets that have formed Paljassaare are connected to this forgotten? place at its very center.
NB: The times are estimates and are subject to change in the course of the pilgrimage.
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Posted by Keiti Kljavin