Urban Studies Estonia Diagonal study trip 2020

As been several years alsready Urban studies 1st year students are taking a critical look at both the term and the process of urbanisation. The so called urban is investigated in their semester-long studio by searching for the traces of the gradual spread of Tallinn over time and in space, concentrating on the ever shifting edges – the hinterlands between the “urban” and “rural” and their mutation towards the urban or rural proper. Estonia Diagonal trip is based on an hypothesis that Tallinn is a force that drives the continuous “hinderlandisation” of its surrounding areas and looks at the developments directed especially eastwards, towards the symbolically contested territory of East Estonia. Since the studio’s aim is to dig deep into that dichotomy and look at its particularities both very locally and also in wider regional and global context, while addressing existential questions posed by the precarious conditions under the continuing multi-faceted crises. As a part of the studio classes for developing collective and individual projects for the final on-site public presentation for wider audiences this 3 days mid-term study trip to East and South Estonia situates students research in the wider Estonian/regional context. Photos by Mattias Malk. 


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Posted by Keiti Kljavin