Pop-Up Exhibition NEXT STOP

Rail Baltic will arrive in Tallinn in the shape of a large-scale commercialized transportation hub designed by the globally renowned Zaha Hadid Architects. This fantastical future portal to Europe is seated in Tallinn’s contrasting gloom and gleam: That of the soviet housing of Majaka and the “smart city” of Ülemiste. Both these areas, as well as the city on the whole, will experience the impact of the new grand terminus.

What will it feel like to step out of the Rail Baltic train in 2030? What will Ülemiste and Majaka be like in then? Who will be the new locals of the hypermobile node? These are some of the questions asked in the pop-up exhibition NEXT STOP / JÄRGMINE PEATUS exploring the near realisation of Rail Baltic in Tallinn.

Urban studies students with backgrounds in various disciplines have been investigating the upcoming major changes by applying different methods of urban research. The results of these explorations will be displayed in a pop-up exhibition in the pedestrian underpass on the site of the future “Ülemiste Terminal”.

We will meet on Thursday, 29 October, at 17.30 in front of the Estonian Academy of Art main entrance and take the train to Ülemiste as a group. Alternatively you can join us at 18.00 at the Ülemiste train station pedestrian underpass.

Participants: Emilia Schupp, Janosh Heydorn, Karlotta Sperling, Dalma Pszota, Fernanda Ayala, Julia Tyszka, Mira Samonig, Daria Khyrstych, Zahaan Khan, Ali Ul Hussnain, Kerly Ritval, Lera Mikhailova

Tutor: Mattias Malk, info@mattiasmalk.com

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Posted by Keiti Kljavin