The Zone: Urban Studies research studio final presentation

The Special Economic Zone, writes Keller Easterling, has not always been a global urban addiction and a world-city template. Yet, she contends, “the wild mutation of the form over the last thirty years only make it seem penetrable to further mutations.”

How might the Zone mutate in the coming thirty years?
How would the special become the generic?
How would it reshape the conditions of production and labour, globally and locally?
How could the Zone be resisted and how could it fail?
Will the Special Economic Zone converge to the Zone of Tarkovsky’s Stalker?

The semester project speculates about these question on the case of a production and logistics zone in Jüri, situated 15 km southeast from Tallinn.

Students: Seth Amofah, Kasparas Lucinskas, Charlotte Niedenhoff, Nina Riewe, Juhan Teppart

Maroš Krivý / Professor of Urban Studies
Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts

Kaie Kuldkepp / guest lecturer
Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts
urban designer, landscape architect @ NÜÜD architects

The presentation and discussion is public. Everyone is welcome.

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Posted by Anu Piirisild