Urban studies goes to Lima

A student-led ERASMUS+ KA131 project short-term mobility by Master of Urban Studies students, co-hosted by the Universidad Cientifica Del Sur, will take place in Lima from 13 to 26 January 2023.

In Search of the Feminist City is a platform to explore how feminism and intersectionality intertwine with urban spaces, focusing on the Lima-specific context.
Students aim to think and work with the city not just as a physical space, but as a dynamic entity shaped by different social forces. They will cover a range of issues relevant to Lima, such as equality and the right to the city, the challenges of participatory planning, labour and informal markets, urban agriculture and ecology. Through lectures, workshops and visits to the city, students from different curricula (urban studies, animation, interaction design hope to exchange theoretical insights and practical experiences that foster understanding of these issues.

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Posted by Keiti Kljavin