Estonia Diagonal

Urban studies 1st year students are taking a critical look at both the term and the process of urbanisation. The so called urban is investigated in their semester-long studio by searching for the traces of the gradual spread of Tallinn over time and in space, concentrating on the ever shifting edges – the hinterlands between the “urban” and “rural” and their mutation towards the urban or rural proper. Studio argues that Tallinn is a force that drives the continuous “hinderlandisation” of its surrounding areas and looks at the developments directed especially eastwards, towards the symbolically contested territory of East Estonia. As a part of the studio classes for developing collective and individual projects for the final on-site public presentation for wider audiences is 3 days mid-term study trip to East and South Estonia that helps to look into the wider Estonian/regional context. Photos by Egemen Mercanlioglu. 


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Posted by Keiti Kljavin