Admission to international MA programme in interior architecture open until May 1st 2016

The overall objective of the Master’s curriculum is to prepare an independent creative person, who is able to create personalised three-dimensional environments, combining architecture, design, art and technology into a coherent whole and lead the implementation of their interior architecture projects.
The curriculum provides skills to analyse critically, develop, and experiment with the different aspects of the creation of spatial environment and helps to develop a personal creative approach. It focuses on providing in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for qualified professional work with the aim of preparing the students with skills to create interior architecture projects independently.
Admission requirements
Bachelor’s degree in the specialty of Interior Architecture or a specialty close to it, higher education acquired on the basis of professional higher education or relevant qualification.
Admission timeline
Admission is open from March 1st to May 1st 2016.
Admissions for all students will be announced by June 1st 2016.

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Posted by Triin Männik