Alina Birjuk exhibition “Young love”

Alina Birjuk exhibition "Young Love" – Uno and Linda

Virtual photo exhibition “Young Love” by Alina Birjuk, a 1st year student of EKA Photography.

The exhibition was born under the supervision of Annika Haas, part of the “Documentary” course.

WATCH the exhibition on Alina Birjuk web site

Alina Birjuk about the exhibition:
“The first time I met Linda and Uno was in the autumn of 2020. I was walking home and saw the two lovers and decided to take a photo of them on my phone. I knew in that instant that I wanted to get to know them better. After posting a picture of them on Instagram. A friend of mine contacted me and told me it was their grandmother in the picture. Uno and Linda were happy and open to collaborate with me. Being around them and getting to know their story, felt refreshing and inspiring for me. I could let go of the idea that it’s only young people who can fall in love head over heels. I realised true love can knock someone over no matter their age.

Uno and Linda fell in love in 2014, when Linda asked Uno out on a coffee date. They had met before in 1946 at University.  But the time together there was limited. Uno got kicked out after a year whereas Linda completed her studies. After many years and both becoming widows, they met again at a close friends’ funeral in 2014. Linda offered that the two should go for a drink and they ended up going to hers. They got to know each other again over coffee, cognac, and sweets. After talking for what it seemed like days, they parted again with only a hug.

Three weeks later, Uno invited Linda to his place to return the favour. After two evenings spent together, the couple realised how much they enjoyed being around one another. From then on, they’ve been inseparable.

Uno and Linda: “The older we get, the faster time goes, and the more you feel like you are too busy and have more and more things to do. We like to think we still have a long time ahead of us, even though the years keep passing at speed light. I haven’t done anything to make my life last longer, and Linda hasn’t either. We don’t want to teach anything to the young, we want to learn from them. We’re only 95, our whole lives are in front of us.””

Text edited by Kristi-Maria Nurm 

The exhibition is open with no closing date

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Posted by Andres Lõo