Architecture Faculty Open Lecture Series: Jason Hilgefort

The next lecturer of the Open Lecture Series this autumn semester will be Jason Hilgefort, stepping on the stage of the large hall of the new EKA building on 4th of October at 6 pm to talk about the disruptive developments of dispersed infrastructure.

Jason’s lecture is titled “Dispersed Infrastructures for New Collective Urban Constellations”. Cities began as a simple collection of individuals sharing common elements. They have slowly evolved to include megageopolitical networks. These systems have been manifested by large, far reaching governmental and corporate built forms. With the emergence of dispersed infrastructural realities (mobiles, drones, etc), we stand at a disruptive moment – where the assumed reliance of human habitat upon top down forms is in question. A new form of interdependent individuality is possible.

Jason studied urban planning and design at The University of Cincinnati and architecture at The University of British Columbia – Vancouver. His work experience ranges from New York (Ehrenkrantz Eckstut and Kuhn), to Los Angeles (Behnisch Architekten) to Mumbai (Rahul Mehrotra). From 2000 to 2004 he worked with Sustainable Urbanist and innovator Peter Calthorpe. After joining Maxwan A+U in 2007, he was involved in the ongoing projects Moscow A101, Central District Rotterdam, and Barking Riverside in London. Also, Jason lead a series of Maxwan’s competition victories – in Helsinki, Basel, Kiev, Hannover, Ostrava, Magdeburg, and Kaunas. During that time won Europan 11 in Vienna. Since then he formed Land+Civilization Compositions for investigating issues ranging from daily objects, to infrastructures, to cultural research. He is also a contributor to uncube magazine with writing on ‘architecture and beyond’.

Land+Civilization Compositions is a Randstad (Netherlands) and Istanbul (Turkey) based office that works and collaborates on issues related to built form, with a portfolio scope from research to design. According to LCC we are living at a time when the connections between the professions, which are engaged in the shaping of built form, are getting stronger and the differences amongst them are blurring. Glocal economic context, and emerging social and environmental issues are leading the way to a new set of priorities. A new generation of ‘urban thinkers’ is emerging and ‘process’ is becoming more prominent than the ‘product’.

The architecture and urban planning department of the Estonian Academy of Arts has been curating the Open Lectures on Architecture series since 2012 – each year, a dozen architects, urbanists, both practicing as well as academics, introduce their work and field of research to the audience in Tallinn. All lectures are in English, free and open to all interested.

The series is funded by the Estonian Cultural Endowment. Jason Hilgefort’s lecture is part of the Future Architecture program which introduces and celebrates innovation, experimentation and the ideas of a generation that will design the architecture and build Europe’s cities in the years to come. See:

Curators: Sille Pihlak, Johan Tali

More info:
Pille Epner
Tel. +372 642 0071

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