Berlin-based guerilla artist IEPE RUBINGH will open the new lecture series WILD TALKs

Friday, February 26th will mark the start of a new event series at the Interior Architecture Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts – public lecture series WILD TALKs. Dutch guerilla artist Iepe Rubingh will take the stage first to talk about his public space projects in Berlin, Tokyo and elsewhere. Everyone is welcome, admission is free, lecture starts at 6 pm at Nunne 16, Dept of Interior Architecture project space.

The speakers of the WILD TALKS series could be characterised by two main threads of action. Some of them have created as much havoc as an elk would, wandering into a city, just by ignoring general customs and habits. Others have unearthed things about life by closely studying the periphery. Summing this up: these speakers have the potential to spark inspiration in not only interior architecture students, but anyone with any relationship to space around them.

First on the WILD TALKs stage will be Berlin-based Dutch guerilla artist IEPE RUBINGH who dumped 500 litres of paint on Rosenthaler Platz, turning the intersection into a huge canvas and making Berliners guess for months whether this was a ‘Guerrilla Advertising Campaign’ or an artwork. Additionally, he is the inventor of the hybrid sport ‘Chess Boxing’ and is the director of the World Chess Boxing Organisation, with clubs in Siberia, London, Los Angeles and Berlin.

In addition to being the opening speaker for WILD TALKs, Rubingh will also run a workshop for the MA course Wild Studio at the interior architecture department.

WILD TALKs is supported by Astelpajunaps and Valmiermuiža.

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Posted by Triin Männik