EKA lecturer diagnosed with coronavirus

An EKA lecturer was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The lecturer was in the EKA building for one lecture in the afternoon of 12 March. The students present at the lecture have already been informed.

According to the Health Board (Terviseamet), at room temperature, the virus remains infectious on surfaces ca 48 hours, spread from person to person occurs from droplet infection (coughing, sneezing).

From the start of the coronavirus outbreak, EKA has requested the hired cleaning company to clean the academy spaces very diligently and use special disinfectants. As it is known, the university building is currently closed for studies and most supporting units work remotely from home to avoid close contact.

Persons suspecting to have contracted the virus should contact their doctor, call the general physicians’ info line 1220 (+372 634 6630 from abroad) or if necessary, call the ambulance by dialling 112.

Employees, please do not come to the EKA building if you are sick (have illness symptoms). The Health Board has listed useful recommendations on how to survive the quarantine and home isolation in case of illness. 

Take care of yourself and others!

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke

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