EKA student council is open for applications

It’s that time of the year– elections for student council!
Applycation period for the student council is 25th march until 4th april. All EKA’s students who aren’t on academic leave can apply. Estonian Academy of Arts’ Student council consist of 7 students elected by students. The members are mandated to council for 2 years (except those who graduate).
Fill out the form here– https://forms.gle/3JRbEhXPLE1DbEgf6
Due dates are next:
  • 25.03-05.04.2019 Application period
  • 08.-19.-04.2019 Election
  • 22.04.2019 Proclamation of new student council
  • 01.05.2019 Declaration of new student council from rector
Best of luck,
Student Council
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Posted by Mart Vainre