EKAs architecture students won the Future of Wood 2020 competition!

Future of Wood 2020 winning team

The main prize of the Future of Wood 2020 competition was won by the 2nd year architecture students of EKA.

The winners Helin Kuldkepp, Patrick Liik, Laura Liis Vilbiks, Co Jael Kotkas and Abdullah Siddiqui get to go to Ajujaht!

“Modular Terraced Housing” in the words of the team:
Our team’s idea is to provide a quick and easy solution for developers to build a terraced housing complex, all the while saving their valuable time, energy and nerves. To succeed in doing that, we are using the Pattern Building system and the Creatomus platform for visualising the desired complex. We are providing the developer with different flexible house plans for them to explore for their potential clients. Our goal is to make building terraced housing easy, fast and most importantly flexible. We are taking part in the Pattern Building challenge as well as the Creatomus configurator challenge.

The team:
Helin Kuldkepp – team leader, pitcher
Patrick Liik – 3D modeller, Creatomus configurator
Laura Liis Vilbiks – physical modeller
Jael Kotkas – structural engineer
Abdullah Siddiqui – business developer, marketer

EKA Faculty of Architecture thanks senior researcher and research director Renee Puusepp!

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Posted by Andres Lõo