II year students are opening the Gates of Hell at Patarei Prison

Estonian Academy of Arts’ II year students are opening the Gates of Hell at Patarei Prison on the 12 th of May, 6 PM.

We will bring the medieval vision of Hell out of the books, take a look at what is around us in the world today, and ask: what is sin, what is punishment, and what is infernal in our lives right now? Has Hell changed? Or, are some tortures unchanging and everlasting?

The exhibition features II year students from the Jewellery and Blacksmithing, and Ceramics departments of the Estonian Academy of Arts: Mariliis Hopp, Iris Krantsiveer, Olga Tea Krek, Sille Luiga, Reeli Lüütsepp, Ulrika Paemurru, Kairi Sirendi, Anni Voll and Aleksandra Kazanina.

The journey through the underworld, from idea to objects and jewellery, was supervised by Eve Margus-Villems, Jass Kaselaan and Anna Jõgi.

Sponsors: Estonian Academy of Arts, Patarei Prison Museum, Patarei Beach Cafe, CRONIMET Eesti Metall OÜ, Prindi.me, Sisustuspilt.ee, VILED Svetotronika, No Bananas, SEMU Juice, Löfbergs Lila AB, Õllenaut OÜ, Veinisõber OÜ, Eesti Pagar AS, Valdek Laur, Johanna Müürisepp.

Exhibition PÕRGU / HELL is open at Patarei Sea Fortress-Prison (Kalaranna 2a, Tallinn, Estonia) from the 13th – 26th of May 2016, every day 12 noon – 6 PM.


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Posted by Liina Lelov