International touring glass exhibition INTERPRETATION in Riga

International glass students’ touring exhibition “interpretation” had its last show at the Menzendorff Museum in Riga from November 10 to December 6, 2015. During the vernissage public prizes were attributed. Most of the public voices and the first prize went to Andrius Keturka (Vilnius Art Academy Kaunas Faculty) for his “Non-traditional vase”. The second prize was shared between students of the Estonian Academy of Arts Sigrid Luitsalu (“Unnamed”) and Astra Aavik(Ancient echo”. Winner of the third prize was Mirdza Guka from the Latvian Arts Academy (“Afterlife vitamins”). The work of Polish student Martyna Rychlik (“Strategic game”) from the Geppert Academy of Art and Design Wroclaw was also mentioned. The first prize winner Mr Keturka received a work of the curator of the exhibition Prof Saare “Fragile 2015”. The exhibitions in Estonia (Olustvere), Poland (Olsztyn, Ostroda) and Latvia (Riga) were supported by the Culture Endowments of Estonia and Latvia. (Photo: Prof PhD Inguna Audere, Latvian Arts Academy, curator of the exhibition in Riga with Anna Varnase’s work “21st century engraving”)

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Posted by Mare Saare