Linked stools project wins first prize at the Garage48 Spatial Hack!

Last weekend, a number of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, interaction design and other disciplines’ students gathered in the interior architecture dept, where in collaboration with Garage48 another design hack took place, this time paying more attention to common uses of urban space. The winning project: a sort-of social furniture project titled Connecting Furniture Chair (, where a two-legged stool can stand up with help from another similar stool. So to link the chairs and you only need to approach someone sitting on a similar stool with the line “Could I rely on you”… Connecting Chair also received a sweet special award from LaMuu: 12kg of ice cream for a sufficiently bold and wild idea; and the right to use office space for free for 6-months at the Telliskivi Loomelinnak.

*The Tallinn Music Week special award was awarded to the work Social Hub, which aims to turn Maakri St garage complex into high-quality urban space.

**Garage48 special award was given to the idea “​​Open Doors”, which called to use empty garages as a musical instrument.

The Interior design department’s own special recognition was well earned by the Elotsõõr team, who has decided to start making affordable smoke saunas.

Pic: the winning Connecting Chair team, image: Patrik Tamm

Partners: Garage48, Tallinn Music Week, Rakke põhikool, La Muu, Kultuurkapital, Linnalabor, Filmi Instituut, EETA

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Posted by Triin Männik