21/09/16 – 21/10/16
Raja Gallerii, Tallinn

An exhibition of sculptures and things by James Prevett. This is the first presentation of James’ work in Estonia.

James will introduce give a short artist talk at 18.00 before the opening. Welcome.

‘I accidentally went to a fortune teller about 15 years ago in Thailand. She was known to be the best in the North of Thailand. Being a sceptic, I was sceptical but my friend talked me into it. I however had the idea that she should only tell me things from the past and nothing from future. I did not want to know the future. I thought it might affect my decisions in later in life. So she told me many things from my past. All true. She told me specific things. That my father had an operation in the last 3 months on the bottom part of his legs. True. She told me she was confused about the status of my father as he looked like my father but was not. True. He is my step father but raised me. Many other things. All true. I was surprised. As I came to leave, she bent close and grasped my head and whispered in my ear – she had to tell me something from the future. Something terrible would happen to my legs before I was 40. She had to tell me so I knew.

I am 39. My legs are fine.

James Prevett is a British artist based in Helsinki. He makes objects, images, text and video often combining them together within a sculptural practice. His work deals with the vitality of things (images as well as objects) and the way ideas can seep into a physical reality and visa versa. He has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, USA, Austria, Finland and Brazil. He was part of a team of artists, musicians and architects selected to represent Great Britain at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006. He is currently showing work in the exhibition ‘Say What?’ at ASC Galery in London and up and coming exhibitions include ‘Matter Matter’ in November at Exhibition Laboratory (Helsinki), ‘Becoming Undone’ in January 2017 at Saariaho Järvenpää (Helsinki) and the project ‘Patsastellaan: Parties For Public Sculptures’ at multiple venues across Helsinki in 2017.

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Posted by Kirke Kangro

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