Tartu Cultural Centre. Studio Project 01.2021–05.2021

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The ELEMENTerial superstudio examines the possibilities of sustainable construction to design a flexible cultural centre using algorithmic design methods, based on the principles of modular timber architecture. We study modularity in different scales: basic elements, modules consisting of elements and chunks consisting of multiple modules, finishing with the scale of the building.

How to fit a carbon neutral building complex into the Central Park of Tartu, creating possibilities for a flexible spatial program and the emergence of the cultural heart of the city? How to use modulation for creating human-scaled spaces within a giant complex, while providing possibilities for extending the building? How to distinguish public, semi-private and private gathering places?

In the course of the studio we create an input for the architecture competition of Tartu´s downtown cultural centre, presenting multiple strategies how to relate the building(s) to the urban fabric, how to create an operating and multifunctional cultural centre, what kind of functions should be present and in what scope.


Supervisors of the studio: Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam, Adam Orlinski

Compilers: Delija Thakur, Nikita Akhmatov


Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Architecture and Urban Design. Tallinn, 2022.

Supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.


ISBN 978-9916-619-37-7 (print)

ISBN 978-9916-619-38-4 (pdf)

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Posted by Tiina Tammet