Transform4Europe expands with 3 new partners

Transform4Europe alliance expands. In 2022 we welcomed 3 new universities to educate and train knowledge entrepreneurs as associated partners:

In the next phase of the project, which starts on 01.11.2023, they will already be included as full members and will help implement Transform4Europe’s activities in both new and already working areas. The funding application for the next phase will be submitted at the end of January 2023.

In addition, the Transform4Europe Alliance shows our strong support with Ukraine by welcoming Mariupol State University as an associated partner to the Consortium.


EKA’s students have been able to use the opportunities of the Transform4Europe project to visit Kaunas, Katowice, Saarbrücken and Trieste either for short courses at their universities or to get to know the region. Students arrive home with positive emotions that they had the possibility to expand their horizons and integrate with other students.

Also they have an opportunity to widen their study portfolio by taking courses from other universities. There has been interest in foreign languages as EKA does not offer language courses.

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Posted by Piret-Klea Velleste