2014/15 Attestation of 1.-3. year phd students

The attestation of the 1.-3. year PhD students of EAA is taking place on June 11 and 12, 2015 at Estonia pst 7-511, Tallinn. 
The attestation report should be signed by supervisor(s) and the doctoral student and be presented to the Doctoral School or sent to triin.piip@artun.ee latest by June 5, 2014. In case of posting, please, send the papers to the address following: Triin Piip, Doctoral School, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia pst 7-535, 10143 Tallinn, ESTONIA.

Please find the attestation report form from the Statute of PhD Studies in EAA (menu in the right) 

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Posted by Triin Piip