3 ERASMUS courses to take place in EKA during March 20 – 24

"Clouds" intensive course in Tallinn in January 2023

EKA to host 3 ERASMUS Blended Intensive Programme courses in March

EKA is proud to announce that it will be hosting three ERASMUS BIP courses in collaboration with excellent partner universities of EKA. The courses will physically take place from March 20 to March 24, 2023, and will be followed by a virtual component afterwards.

The courses are being organized by the Interior Architecture, Fine Arts, and Textile Design departments of EKA. They aim to provide students with an opportunity to explore and analyze spaces through a sensorial approach and implement the method in the designing process. The courses of textile and interior architecture departments will also involve collaboration with high school-age youth from the Tallinn Children’s Home, enabling students to gain a better understanding of social design practices.

Throughout the intense workshop week, which features approximately 38 hours of workshops and activities, students will participate in hands-on workshops and develop their skills in various areas. The virtual component will consist of seminars and consultations between students and lecturers, who will be paired up at the end of the workshop week.

EKA is committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their chosen fields. By hosting these ERASMUS BIP courses, EKA is furthering its commitment to providing students with access to internationalisation at home and to high-quality, inclusive art and design education.

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