5.0ROBOTICS CNC instruction

5.0 Robotics Executive Series Model 8 CNC milling machine arriving to EKA. Photo: Martin Melioranski

EKA Wood and Modelling Workshop hosted on February 15. 2024 a workshop from 5.0 Robotics on their CNC milling machine, instructed by Carlo Lustrissimi.

5.0 Robotics Executive Series Model 8 CNC milling machine arrived to EKA on 6th of February 2024, fitting into a freight elevator opening onto the courtyard and navigating through several doorways to its location. It is a high-performance, quick-set-up, compact format machine that delivers the same performance and precision expected from a more conventional industrial machine.

This marks the start of a collaboration between EKA and 5.0 Robotics on non-standard application of industrial technologies for advancing creative research.

Instructor: Carlo Lustrissimi, PhD 

Participants: Mihkel Ilus, Anna Jõgi, Madis Kaasik, Oliver Kanniste, Päär-Joonap Keedus, Lauri Kilusk, Ingmar Melioranski, Martin Melioranski, Martin Merila, Ardo Hiiuväin, Kristin Silm, Taavi Teevet, Fred Truus

Special thanks: Avo Tragel

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Posted by Martin Melioranski