Book illustration workshop with Lucija Mrzljak

Students working on their illustrated works, while teacher Lucija Mrzjak oversees.

Last week students from both MA and BA classes partook in a book illustration workshop taught by Lucija Mrzljak. Lucija is a talented film director whos films are characterized by very strong style and visual character, which you also see in her illustrative work.

The students created illustrated books under her guidence, all ranging in different stylistic techniques, genres, motives and stories. Students were able to create and bind their own books from paper and other materials with traditional book binding techniques, or create digital books/ zines. The focus of the workshop was to learn the methods of illustration; skills in visual composition, story telling, color, and design.

Results of the workshop can be seen in person at the Estonian Art Academy building on the 3rd floor, from Mar 29, 14:00 until April 3.

You can see some of Lucija’s work on these sites:

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Posted by Lyza Karoly Jarvis