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The Rectorate

The Rectorate

Rector Professor Mart Kalm Phone: 626 7300 E-mail: Office: Põhja pst 7, room D207.2 Rector for Research Epp Lankots Phone: 626 ...
Seated from left: Karin Gross, Kirke Kangro, Anne Pikkov, Solveig Jahnke, Lia Toro. Standing from left: Maria Jäärats, Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg, Sandra Mell, Kristjan Mändmaa, Mart Kalm, Toomas Tammis, Urve Sinijärv, Andres Tammsaar, Lilian Hansar, Eve Põldsaar. Photo by Mark Raidpere 2016

The Government

For operative management the Rector has formed the government of the Academy. The government presents its advisory opinion to the Rector and the ...
The Council

The Council

The highest collegial decision-making body of the Academy of Arts is the Council which meets at least four times a year. The Council approves the ...
Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is an advisory body, an intermediary between the Academy and the society. The members of the Board of Governors are ...
EAA provides services in psychological and career counselling to students

EAA provides services in psychological and career counselling to students

Career counselling and psychological counselling at the Estonian Academy of Arts are support services for students who need help with ...

STARTERcreative free business idea generation program starts 13.09 (in English)

Dear student! Come and join Creative business development program STARTERcreative! In the program designed by 8 universities we will help you ...

The Estonian Academy of Arts fills its future building with fresh works and world-changing ideas from young architects, artists, and designers

From 2 — 16 June the Estonian Academy of Arts will present works from this year’s Master students at its annual Graduation Works Festival ...

Estonian Academy of Arts triumphs at “Habitus Baltija 2016”!

The International Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Habitus Baltija 2016’’ just finished with tears of joy, fever-pitched screams of ...

Academic Staff Elections 2016

Estonian Academy of Arts announced the Academic Staff Elections. See postings here 

Admissions 2016

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