DragRace & NO99

A grand costume spectacular called DragRace was performed at NO99 Theatre on 4 and 5 February 2017: The director was Jüri Nael, head stylist was Gerly Tinn and photographer was Toomas Volkmann. The performance took place in collaboration with NO99, the Academy of Music and Theatre Drama School, EAA and Grimmikool.

Under the experienced hand of Gerly Tinn, more than a dozen drag queens were dressed up in as authentic and impressive manner as possible. It was a challenge in its own right to take into account the technical requirements related to the movement trajectories of the actors. The stylistic work required familiarity with and analysis of the inner workings of the subculture, and an understanding of nuances in the context of culture, politics and self-expression.

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Posted by Anu Ojavee

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