EKA building is closed for studies as of 13 March but instruction continues at distance


As of 13 March, the Government of Estonia has declared a state of emergency. All schools and universities have closed and are conducting distance studies until 1 May, 2020, unless the situation improves.

Thus, EKA building is closed for studies and public activities; instruction will continue via web platforms, eg. Moodle, Google Hangouts, Youtube etc. EKA Crisis Committee asks all academic staff to offer flexible solutions for new instruction and learning methods.

All employees are asked to work from home or other safe locations to avoid close contact with colleagues. Specific instructions will be given by immediate supervisors.

The Ministry of Education and Research will assess the situation every 14 days and inform everyone accordingly.

Updates are posted on EKA website: artun.ee


EKA conducts studies remotely

In the pandemic situation, Estonian Academy of Arts decided to act responsibly in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in Estonia. By the recommendation of the Crisis Committee, Rector Mart Kalm has issued an order (Estonian original and its translation attached) with measures that will hopefully prevent an outbreak in the EKA community. The purpose is to continue with the normal activities as smoothly as possible. As of now, there are no known illness cases among EKA members.

From 13.03.2020 the EKA building is closed for students but studies will continue remotely. For employees, the work will also continue, only the methods might change; all such changes must be agreed upon with the immediate supervisor (e.g. Head of Department).

EKA is facing a new challenge in terms of study methods. The new situation requires all EKA members to take responsibility and contribute their part so that studying and working can continue. Several EKA staff and students have already expressed their preparedness to try new ways and are coming up with clever solutions.

We ask all teaching staff to be as flexible and accommodating as possible regarding the innovative and creative teaching and learning methods. We hope to take this semester as a challenging lesson, which will in a good sense, broaden our approaches to instruction and learning. We want to remain optimistic and offer support to all academy members.

EKA’s students of ERASMUS or other programmes will receive support from International Office, they have already been informed about the situation. If an EKA student is currently travelling or studying in a risk-laden territory, we recommend to return home at the earliest opportunity.

Distance learning support possibilities at EKA

The IT Department supports distance learning and working with the following platforms:

All media inquiries must be forwarded to Head of Communications, Solveig Jahnke, tel 5626 4949, solveig.jahnke@artun.ee

All instructions and procedures listed in the attached order were prepared with the purpose to prevent an illness outbreak in our community. We ask all of you to read and follow these instructions!

Let us remain calm and act wisely!

Crisis Committee
Rector Mart Kalm
Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Anne Pikkov
Director of Finances and Administration Andres Tammsaar
Head of Quality Assurance Triin Krünberg
Head of Personnel Dagmar Raide
Head of International Affairs Sandra-Leena Mell
Head of Facilities and Workshops Kaido Kruusamets

Where to find information about the coronavirus disease COVID-19 and the situation in Estonia

Please find below a selection of official and reliable links to get more information related to the coronavirus COVID-19 and keep updated about the situation in Estonia.

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