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Press release, free for public use, 17th of November, 2014


Seven artists all over Europe share their observations and responses of Tallinn, Estonia, and time spent here in Autumn 2014, at Raja Gallery of Sculpture and Installation Department of Estonian Academy of Arts.

Cultural and corporal displacement can create both restrictions as well as new prospects. Lack of familiar physical surroundings, family and friends, accustomed use of materials or working methods is a challenge that can make way for new relationships, ideas, and techniques.

Due to physical, social and mental disparity of new place and culture, opposed to one’s own, normal everyday actions gain unexpected significance. One is more alert on new environment, taking inspiration from surroundings, whether it is nature, climate, architecture, touristic attractions, or political history.  

Coming from different geographical, cultural and artistic positions, each artist reacts on the situation from one’s personal point of view. With this group show, we gather these views under one umbrella, and welcome you to have look at works ranging from installation to sculpture and video.

The artists are: Liisa Ahlfors (FI), Zuzana Bartošová (CZ), James Choucino (UK), Julia Hartig (AT), Clara Lissens (BE), Marc Romero (ES) and Gábor Törő (HU).

At the opening refreshments are served along with a performance by Carla Genchi (IT) and Giovanni Nyoyo Tancredi (IT) with a group of improvisators from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Exhibition opening at 7pm on Thursday, 4th of December, 2014 at Raja Gallery, Raja Tn. 11 A, Tallinn, Estonia. Exhibition open from 5th until 12th of December, Mon-Fri, 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. Welcome!

For further information, please contact:

phone: +358503486725

phone: 6726586

Liisa Ahlfors
Kirke Kangro

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