Exhibition Kittel ja põll (Smock and Apron) in the TV Tower

On the 17th of May Teletorns panoramic floor will open a new exhibition called “Kittel ja põll”.

The display will return us to Soviet Union. Already the third exhibition of Estonian Academy of Arts fashion department, but this time the clothing of a socialist time housewife will gain the limelight. 

“In fashion history, the most prominent themes are haute couture or avant garde. But what did our mothers and grandmothers wore on daily basis in the 80’s in Estonia?” is the question asked by fashion students of the II course. 

Nostalgia brings us back to the deficient 80’s and makes us recall the times when there was nothing available. As clothes were hard to get, the smock was a life savior, it could wear, smear and tear. But this didn’t mean that it was just a boring garment at home. The few opportunities that women had lit up their creativity and sense of fashion. The simple fabrics were decorated with commercially available lace, colored garments and plastic buttons.

We also recall the aprons that were used to sweep clean jam mouths and dirty hands. We bring multicolored patterns, bold color combinations and ingenious design ideas to the viewers, that are still in the back of our closets thanks to our mothers and grandmothers.

The exhibition remains open til the 1st of October in the TV Tower.

The exhibiton was organized by Estonian Academy of Arts fashion deparment students: Kertu Kivisik, Sirli Pohlak, Kaia Kuusmann, Pamela Põld, Mari-Ly Kapp, Sandra Luks, Kerttu Reinmaa, Aleksanda Tšusovljanova Närjanen, Kätilin Haak, Sirli Lehtsalu

Lector and curator: Maiu Rõõmus

Photographer: Oliver Moosus

Make-up: Mari-Ly Kapp

We thank costume rental “Maiu Mood” and all the people who helped with the historical pieces: Maiu Rõõmus, Helinde Mäeots, Maila Kasepõld, Rita Riisalu, Kati Kuusmann, Krista Kilter, Karin Lood, Helgi Kokk, Juta Kokk, Laura Raudkivi, Piret Puppart, Mare Mikita, Milvi Pohlak, Triin Tint, Airi Gailit, Piia Kivisik, Leili Tali, Ave Härg, Linda Lääts, Urve Kivonogova, Marilin Assafrei, Maret Assafrei, Edvard Hiietam, Klaara Kaarlõpp, Vilma Kivimägi, Elle, Evi Hütt, Sirli Laanesaar, Piret Tegova, Svetlana Tšusovljanova, Olga Tšusovljanova, Kaleria Istomina, Aliide Madi, Hilje Murdla, Sirli Laanemets, Kristi Gutham

Special thanks: Stella firma, Solveig Jahnke, TV Tower, EKA fashion department and TTHK.


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Posted by Anu Ojavee

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