Garage48 Spatial Hack: The Garage from 20th to 22nd Jan, 2017

The interior architecture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts is happy to host together with Linnalabor and Tallinn Music Week the very first spatial design hackathon Garage48THE GARAGE, inviting all students of architecture from any school in Estonia as well as urban planning, anthropology, human geography, IxD or urban studies students to take part.

For two days, we will delve into a set of garages in the heart of Tallinn Old Town, hidden in the courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design and emerge with spatial prototypes that not only change the space, but also give new purpose and meaning to the tiny units currently unused. The task of the hack is one of spatial design – creating better space, building an installation – but we also look at mindful temporary uses and social coherence.

By the end of the hackathon, the teams will have discovered alternative uses, tools, urban design ideas to make the best use of garages. Fair warning: this hackathon might set you up with a job of working with spaces in need of change and new ideas.

This hackathon is for those of you who like to take things apart, dive into context, inspired by spaces and places, and are not afraid to build and rebuild – but even if you don’t have an idea ready right now, come and get inspired! To take part, register right now:, we welcome both bachelor and master level students from The Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University, Estonian Business School, Mainor, Tallinn University of Technology and TTK University of Applied Sciences.

The hackathon kicks off with idea pitching on the given topic, after which teams are formed, who then have 48 hours to develop a prototype solving a problem they have selected. The whole process is followed closely by mentors, offering feedback and guidance to all teams.

NB! At the end of February, the best ideas of the hackathon will be explored and developed further during the Estonian Academy of Arts urban studies department special course, and for the third stage of the project during Tallinn Music Week we will build something spec-tac-ular.

This hackathon is organised by the department of interior architecture & Garage48 Foundation in partnership with Linnalabor and Tallinn Music Week.

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Posted by Triin Männik