Graphics. Model studio. Shelter. Studio project 09.2020–01.2021


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The aim of the first-year students’ spring term task is to introduce the prerequisites, reasons and possibilities of architecture. In their search for solutions, students need to explore and consider the relations between a person and their surroundings.

During their five-day model studio, students have to express their abstract ideas in a three-dimensional world only by using ordinary gray cardboard. As a result, dynamic volumetric models are created that allow you to change their volumetric shape without breaking.

For the graphic work, the drawings charac-terizing the freely chosen small building (plan, section, view) must be presented in both the original and the mutated form. In the second part of graphics, students create various moving digital images by writing code in the Processing program.

The main focus of the autumn semester is the shelter. Students design a shelter based on their needs. The location is chosen by random, certain materials and the maximum construction area are provided. The rest is up to the students themselves.

The culmination of the course is the construction of one of the designed shelters. Such collective construction activities help to understand the complex relationship between architecture and the real construction, as well as to create a strong course spirit.


Supervisors of the studio: Ott Alver, Alvin Järving, Mari Rass / Arhitekt Must

Compilers: Julia Freudenberg, Miia Laur Ella Mari Roosi


Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Architecture and Urban Design. Tallinn, 2022.

Supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.


ISBN 978-9916-619-58-2 (print)

ISBN 978-9916-619-59-9 (pdf)

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