Guest studio from Delft University of Technology

Students of TU Delft at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Photo by Jorge Mejía.

From 2-13 October, 29 students of the master of Architecture at TU Delft are visiting EKA, participating in the graduation studio “A Matter of Scale. Architecture for the European City: Tallinn.”

This edition of the graduation studio “A Matter of Scale” focuses on the urban context of Tallinn, as a laboratory for the development of architecture with specific care for human scale. The studio will investigate the coastal zone of Tallinn, as a potential zone for urban strategies and architectural interventions. In the studio, we see scale as basis to establish a gradual relation of proportion between city, buildings and details in relation to the dimensions of the human body. Each student will formulate a design assignment by selecting a particular site or situation to intervene, and by defining a use or program for their project.


Tutors: Klaske Havik, Jorge Mejía and Willemijn Wilms Floet


On Thursday Oct 5, the students will team up with EKA students for a joint workshop.

On Oct 12th, Willemijn Wilms Floet will give a open lecture about “Urban Oases”, presenting her research on the Dutch ‘hofje’ courtyard typology.


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Posted by Tiina Tammet