Guild Painters: Artistic Creation Between Innovation and Tradition in Baltic Provinces from 17th to 19th Century

A Falling Horse. Journeyman's work from 1865 (Tallinn City Archives)

The research project examines an area that has been little studied so far – the painters of guilds in the period of the 17th-19th centuries in Estonia.
It is planned as a broad multidisciplinary approach that interweaves an art historical approach with a social historical perspective and includes aspects of conservation, technical art history, analytical chemistry, archival studies and museology. The aim of the project is nothing less than to awaken from oblivion an important epoch and phenomenon in our cultural history. Who were these masters who worked in the institutional framework of the guilds, what was their origin, social status, how did their professional career look, what were the areas of activity of guild painters, how much of their work has been preserved to this day? The research project connects archival data and objects of material culture.

January 2023 – December 2024

Estonian Academy of Arts (Lead Partner)
The Art Museum of Estonia
Tallinn City Archives
University of Tartu

Estonian Academy of Arts

See also: Estonian Research Information System (ETIS)

Hannes Vinnal

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Posted by Maris Veeremäe