IIC Keck Award Winner: Rode Altarpiece in Focus

This massive, multi-year project centers around the conservation and technical analysis of the altarpiece of the high altar of St. Nicholas´ Church in Tallinn (1478–1481). The double-winged retable, completed in the workshop of the famous Lübeck master Hermen Rode, is one of the most grand and best preserved examples of late medieval Hanseatic art in Europe. More than forty saints and biblical figures are depicted, and its dimensions (approximately 6 x 3.5 meters) place it among the largest of its type.

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Project partners:
Estonian Academy of Arts
Conservation Center „Kanut”
Estonian Enviromental Research Centre
University of Southampton
Tartu University, Chair of Analytical Chemistry
Estonian Tax and Customs Board

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Posted by Maris Veeremäe