Important information regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) prevention

12 March update: EKA building will be closed for studies as of 13 March, but instruction continues at distance. More info.

The government declared an emergency situation in Estonia until 1 May. More info.

The outbreak of COVID-19 disease, caused by a novel Coronavirus, started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The outbreak has gradually spread throughout all mainland China and has affected several other neighbouring as well as distant countries – Italy, Iran et al (  The count in Estonia has reached 16 as of March 11, 2020.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Estonian Health Board (Terviseamet), we require all students and staff members returning from risk exposure countries or areas to stay at home, monitor their health and to come back to school not sooner than 14 days after the date of their return on the condition that the whole family remains asymptomatic. All travels to these countries and areas should be avoided when possible. 

Students, please notify the Head of Academic Affairs, Elisabeth Kuusik at and personnel, please notify Head of Personnel, Dagmar Raide at about your situation.

For more information, updates and pieces of advice, visit: Estonian Health Board (Terviseamet)

Information from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), including the Areas with presumed community transmission of COVID-19. Advice for the public from the World Health Organization.

We thank you for your understanding and close cooperation to ensure a safe and healthy environment at our university and we will keep you updated.

Actions to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus in the EKA Community

On 10 March, 2020, EKA Senate discussed how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The Senate formed the following instructions to be followed by all members of the university:

1. Travel
1a. EKA members are not to travel to risk exposure territories.
1b. Trips to other areas will be the responsibility of the travelling EKA member.

1c. No study trips abroad will be organised until the end of the semester. 1d. EKA members returning from risk exposure areas/countries must stay home for two weeks and monitor their health. 1e. Inform your Head of Department or Curriculum about travel costs incurred from canceled trips.

2. Visiting Lecturers at EKA

2a. The host inviting the lecturer will discuss the purpose/need and safety of the visit with each visiting lecturer and decide on the course of action.

2b. The decision to go-ahead with the course must be discussed and agreed upon with the students.

2c. The students have the right not to participate in international workshops.

3. In case of illness
3a. No one with the viral infection or illness is permitted to enter the EKA building. 3b. In case of illness, inform the Head of Department or Curriculum about the situation.
3c. Persons with symptoms of the virus must be isolated and an ambulance  called. The case must be reported immediately to the Head of Quality Assurance, Triin Krünberg at tel +372 502 5054.
4. Action updates will be given by the Crisis Committee, led by Triin Krünberg.
5. Updates regarding risk areas and pertinent information can be found on the EKA website.

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Posted by Mart Vainre