International faculty semester

During the 2016/2017 autumn semester, the third-year BA elective “Fashion as Art” was supervised by a pair of internationally acclaimed conceptualists who founded the fashion brand MAREUNROLS, Rolands Peterkops and Marite Mastina from Riga. The subject, which delved into the stories, impulses and sources of inspiration behind the completion of artistic projects, culminated in an exhibition at the EAA Gallery.

Master’s degree students could also experience studying under the multitalented Kristian Steinberg. The men’s fashion trailblazer and Saint Martins University of the Arts alumnus carried out an abstract fashion project centring on the creation of a fashion collection informed by modern art and fashion trends. The project culminated with the execution and presentation of prototypes at the Creative Hub. The EAA teaching staff member responsible for the project was Marit Ahven.

The third visiting teaching staff member was professor Basia Szkutnicka – an acclaimed fashion lecturer, fashion and textile design programme director, designer and creative consultant from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (ITC), designer and creative consultant, and the author of several textbooks (Professor of Practice and Programme Leader MA Fashion & Textile Design). The topic of the workshop for master’s degree students was the conceptual design of footwear.

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Posted by Anu Ojavee

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