It’s (Y)OUR Future joint workshop between EKA and KASK (Belgium)

International exchange and collaboration project for art and design, It’s (Y)OUR Future (post-covid design trend forecast) kicks off on February 8 with a joint webinar. The course is a collaboration between EKA, departments of Interior Architecture and Textile Design and KASK, our ERASMUS partner in Belgium.

The joint venture will be an excellent opportunity for our teachers and students to test out a new blended mobility form that the ERASMUS programme, launched for 2021 – 2027 will offer for us all.

The content of this course is a one-week workshop about forecasting sustainable future trends. The participants will work across borders with students from Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia) and KASK (Belgium), based on the trend forecast that was done in autumn 2020 between students from KASK (Belgium) and Falmouth University (UK).

KASK team: Tom Wellekens, Tomas Navratil, Dirk van Gogh.  EKA team: Annika Kaldoja, Kadi Kibbermann, Kristel Laurits (as an external expert)

The application of a professional identity that reflects global and sustainable awareness in function of personal design career goals and ambitions. This project allows the students to develop a critical awareness of their professional identity within interior (and arts) design through an international collaboration and interactive (and virtual) communication to forecast a shared Future Sustainable Design Statement.

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Posted by Sandra