Joint workshops between EEA and Paris-Belleville architecture students

On spring semester of this year, the 2nd year EAA architecture students had an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge with the students from the École d’Architecture Paris-Belleville. Collaboration began in Estonia in February, when students from Tallinn and Paris focused their efforts on designing stage(s) for the Into the Valley electronic music festival taking place in Rummu quarry this summer. In the beginning of April, a workshop was held in Paris, where the joint task was to design a dormitory building. Task was quite a puzzle, in order to find a solution, the source data was analysed, intermediary goals were set and the students learned to use various means of spatial expression. One method was to make spatial models based on the project concept. Collaboration was highly valued on both sides and plans for the next year were made. Tutors: Peeter Pere, Vincent Saulier and Simon Pallubicki.

Dormitory project 1

Dormitory project 2

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Posted by Pille Epner