Juku Animation Evenings, 28. October!

2 PM in EKA auditorium presentations of animated projects currently in production 

Everyone is welcome to have a peek into how several young authors have reached the phase of production and how far they are, what their joys and concerns are. Presenting: 

Mihkel Reha “Top 10 Places to Visit”, Eesti Joonisfilm

Liisi Grünberg “Miisufy”, AAA Creative

Helen Unt “Someone as Flow”, Undi teod


6 PM in Artis cinema screening Sanctifying life! (duration of films ab 56 min). The best colleague 2022 prize of Animation Union will be announced. Evening supported by Pühaste Brewery. 

Ülo Pikkov “Tik-tak” 9m 26s

Jonas Taul “A Most Exquisite Man” 15m

Kaspar Jancis “Cosmonaut” 11m 38s 

Anu-Laura Tuttelberg “Winter in the Rainforest” 8m 36s

Ave Taavet “To Pet a Hedgehog” 11m 40s

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Posted by Lyza Karoly Jarvis