“Kratts” exhibition at Infinite Life Gallery

Jonathan Stavleu, Ged Proost and Jonas Morgenthaler, masters and a student of Installation and Sculpture Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, will open the exhibition “Kratts” at ARS Infinite Life Gallery on November 6th at 6 PM.Kratt is not a fairy, it is a human handiwork. Things are used for this variety, mostly old and the ones that the maker can most easily obtain. Attempts are usually made to give the animal the shape of an animal. In order to breathe soul into Kratt, Vanapagan had to sell his soul, giving three drops of blood”, the accompanying text states in the words of Matthias Johann Eisen extracted from his “Estonian Myhtologiy. The curator of the exhibition is Sigrid Liira. Kratts will remain open until December 4th, 2020. Tue-Thu 3–8 PM; Fri-Sat 3–10 PM; Su 3–6 PM LVLup! Interactive Video Game Museum Pärnu mnt 154
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Posted by Andres Lõo