New EKA Student Council Elected

ÜE 2023/2025
The new EKA Student Council (ÜE) includes President Kristi Laanemäe; Vice-President and Head of the ÜE Culture and Sports dep. Sabina Ummelas; Vice-President and Head of the ÜE Social and Education dep. Katrin-Maria Terras; Student Council Member Samuel Eff Markkus Savimägi; Student Council Member Kail Timusk; Student Council Member Kristin Silm and Student Council Member Elise Lissel Pähkel. The purpose of the representative office is to make the study environment of EKA better, more productive and more exciting and to stand up for the interests of students. The Student Council consists of seven members, who are elected every two years in April by EKA students. The president and vice-president are elected from within the organization.
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Posted by Andres Lõo