Open architecture lectures on Fall 2022. Warum Berlin?

The Open Lecture Series of the EKA Architecture Faculty will explore Berlin this fall. Johan Tali, the curator of the autumn programme considers Berlin one of the most exciting multicultural metropolises in Europe, a city that has many similarities – both in terms of history and modernity – with the cities of Estonia: “Berlin is loaded. On the one hand, due to its tragic past, the wounds of which have to be actively dealt with in the urban space. On the other hand, due to the hundreds of communities with different cultures gathering in Berlin, and the result is one of the largest culturally diverse hotspots in Europe.”


According to Tali, transnational Berlin can be seen as one of the prototypes of an urbanized society of the future, where a bohemian meets a techno-utopian or an eco-warrior. Berlin is constantly changing, and its architecture firms and practitioners play an important role in steering this change, constantly redefining what we consider important in the urban environment.


This autumn 2022, the architects operating in Berlin will present in the EKA hall:

  1. September Jan Edler: “Potential driven Design”

13. October Marvin Bratke: “Circular Futures. Architecture for a Post-Growth Society”

3. November Bika Rebek

8. December ateljee Le Balto


The open lectures are intended for students and professionals of all disciplines, not just the field of architecture. All lectures take place in the large auditorium of EKA, are in English, free of charge and open to all interested parties.

Within the framework of a series of open lectures, the Department of Architecture and Urban Design of EKA brings to the audience in Tallinn every academic year about a dozen unique practitioners and valued theoreticians of the field. You can watch lectures from previous years on YouTube or


The lecture series is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Curator on Fall 2022: Johan Tali

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Posted by Tiina Tammet