OPEN CALL: NART “Narva Venice” Residency

OPEN CALL: NART "Narva Venice" Residency


Narva Art Residency opens an embassy in the famous Narva Venice and announces a competition for two “diplomatic” spaces for artists. The main place of work for the residents will be the boat garages which are comfortable for spending the summer. For a successful art intervention the artists will be provided financial support in the amount of 2,000 euros! Read more:

With the support of the British Council, we have decided on a rather bold experiment. Two of our residents will be able to spend the summer in a unique Narva commune – Kulgu, which is also called Narva Venice. This channel-riddled area is known as a very busy summer-spot. The locals are spending time fishing, working in their gardens and enjoying the hot Estonian summer. We have been looking at this area for a long time, and finally, we decided to send a kind of embassy to it. We will try to do something good for the community, to make Kulgu more noticeable and attractive, and to get to know the locals and develop good friendly relationships with them.
The open call will last for two weeks, and the deadline is 31-st of May. The winners will be picked by a jury.

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Posted by Andres Lõo